How To Make Cake And Do It Well

How To Make A Cake

Making and baking cake is an art. Everyone loves cakes but not everyone knows how to make a cake. We all think it is a tedious job. But it just needs time and patience. Anyone can learn how to make it with the right measurement, ingredients and right method. Baking is that area of cooking that does not need an artistic license. Just a few basic tips should be followed.

How To Make A Cake
How To Make Cake And Do It Well

Baking Tips For Beginners

Use a good recipe

Always use a tried and tested recipe for baking a cake. On the internet, not all the recipes are tried and tested. Use a recipe from a good source that can be trusted. It is important to follow a good recipe so that it is baked perfectly.

Use a correct tin size

For a perfect cake, use an accurate tin. Few points that one should remember while using a tin-

  • Always pre grease your tin before pouring the batter in it.
  • Baking paper always works best for the lining as it is non-sticky.
  • Remember to wrap the tin from outside also when baking it for a long time. Cover it with a brown paper to save it from burning.

Accurate quantity of ingredients

Use the same quantity of ingredients given in the recipe for better results. Exact measurements help in making a perfect dessert. Use proper measuring spoons and cups to ensure the accuracy of your ingredients.

How To Make A Cake
How To Make Cake And Do It Well

Working With The Oven: How To Make Cake

Pre-heat the oven

Always preheat the oven before placing the pan inside it. The batter may not rise properly in a cold oven. Heated oven helps in the better rising of the batter.

Accumulate as much air in the batter as possible

It is better to accumulate air in the batter rather than making a hard one.  Keep beating the batter properly till it lightens in color. This increases the air volume of the cake. This makes it lighter, fluffier, and smoother.

When the batter is ready put it straight in the oven.

If you want your dessert to rise properly then as soon as your batter is ready put it straight away in the oven.

Placement of the cake

Place the pan on the middle shelf of the oven to ensure even cooking. Once the pan is placed in the oven avoid opening the door until the given time. It prevents the cake from sagging.

Follow the cooking time

Stick to the cooking time given in the recipe. If you have used all the ingredients and have followed all the instructions then be accurate with the cooking time as well.

Remember– All ovens are different. Always check the cake before taking it out from the oven. (Check your cake by piercing a toothpick in the center, if the toothpick comes out clean then your cake is ready).

Cooling the cake

A general rule for cooling the cake is, let the cake stay in the oven itself even after you turn off the oven. Let the cake rest in the oven at least for 15minutes. So that it sets properly and when you take it out from the tin, it comes out easily without breaking.


These are some basic tips beginners should follow to bake a perfect cake at home. Baking cake is not tough if these are followed.

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