Essential Products For Wedding Cake

Essential Products For Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes are the dream cake for every couple. There are various kinds of cakes available in different flavors, shapes, and sizes. There are some essential products required for baking cakes. Check these out.

Cake Carrier With Handle

Essential Products For Wedding Cake
Essential Products For Wedding Cake


  1. This cake, cookie, muffin or cupcake conveyor keeps your delicate baked goods fresh and safe. The cake carrier is used to carry the wedding cake.
  2. It is made of polypropylene material suitable for food use that is safe to store food, recycle to use, more environmentally friendly compared to the carrier of paper cakes.
  3. The product has shockproof, waterproof wicker cover, comes with a thick handle, easy to carry the wedding cake.
  4. Each bathtub comes with a thick colored handle and a flat base in a transparent dome lid
  5. Perfect for cakes, cupcakes, muffins, baked loaves of bread, etc.
  6. Suitable in stores, bakeries, patisseries, tea rooms, playschools, and home use.

Description About The Product

This is a very container and cake carrier that keeps your food fresh and protected from rain, snow, dust, insects and small hands.


simple and versatile circular storage box made of high quality, strong, lightweight, frozen and safe for the refrigerator

  • UP:

The top has sturdy handles that fold inside the lid to stay out of the way when not in use

  • BASE:

the base is equipped with locks that attach firmly / securely to the dome cover to maintain freshness and ensure reliable transport


The multipurpose portable handbag features a red base and a semi-transparent lid. It is perfect for transporting and storing wedding cake, cheesecakes, and all other baked goodies too!


Make sure your stored food stays healthy, fresh and safe for your friends and family to enjoy!

  • This convenient storage cart will keep all your baked goods fresh for days!
  • The base features locks that create a secure seal with the top of the dome.
  • This easy-to-use protector has to carry handles that fold into the lid for compact storage and travel.
  • The tote is made of lightweight PP silicone, so it is safe to store food.

Candy Maker Chocolate Mold Tray

Essential Products For Wedding Cake
Essential Products For Wedding Cake

Chocolate is perhaps the world’s favorite food. Children love it, and women support it. Whether you’re happy, sad, excited, tired or just bored, a chocolate bar is all you need to feel better. Give a child a piece of chocolate, and he will feel like the luckiest person on earth, at least until the chocolate lasts. Your child may not think about the history of chocolate when he has a bar in his hand. But if you love chocolate, you would also love to hear its history. Also, the wedding cake is always incomplete without chocolates for the servings.


  1. The flexible material of the baking mold helps for quick and easy removal, retaining the original shape.
  2. These are tiny little heart molds.
  3. The size of each heart is quite tiny, smaller than a 1 rupee coin
  4. It Contains 55 cavities per mold.
  5. Per cavities – top to bottom and left to right – 1.5 cm approximately.
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