Cake Design And Its Impeccable Types

Cake Design And Its Impeccable Types

In the 1840s oven made baking very easy. Bakers made cakes in different shapes, sizes, patterns, and different food colors. They used different food colors to add color to the cake.  However, the popularity of designing a cake has increased in recent years. Decorating cakes is an art for sure. Also, for every occasion cake designs vary. Bakers use several techniques to design cakes.

Different Types Of Cake Decoration

  • Fondant

People also call it a sugar paste. Experts roll out fondant in cornstarch so that it does not stick to any surface and becomes smooth to handle. They also call it ready roll icing. Once Made the fondant can be used to make showpieces for the cake. You can take proper classes for cake decoration and learn the use of fondant in various styles.

Cake Design And Its Impeccable Types
Cake Design And Its Impeccable Types
  • Royal Icing

It is a white icing and sweet in taste. It is made with icing sugar and egg whites and also with meringue powder. You can use royal icing for piping, giving borders and also for writing. It is used especially for Christmas cakes, wedding cakes and cakes for different occasions.

  • Gum Paste

Gum paste has become very popular nowadays. People also knew it as florist paste. It can be carved into any form. It is best to use for cake decorations or model designing.

  • Modeling Chocolate

It is a combination of melted chocolate and glucose syrup or corn syrup. Bakers can give different shapes to molding chocolate. You can also make it with any form of chocolate.

  • Edible Ink Printing

It is a process people use to print images on the cake, cookies, and even pastries. Designs can be easily made with a printer that is edible.  Bakers print the design on edible paper, using edible colors. In the 1990s, bakers discovered this technique to print images on edible sheets that could be used on cakes.

Cake Design And Its Impeccable Types
Cake Design And Its Impeccable Types

Varieties Of Cake Designs

  • Ruffles– Chefs make this elegant curl design by cutting out strips of fondant and placing it in the form of curls on the cake.
  • Damask- this design looks difficult but it is very easy to make using stencils.
  • Animal Prints– This type of design is best for the theme parties. Zebra stripes and giraffe spots are famous and are very easy to make.
  • Drip Cake – The dripping white chocolate or chocolate ganache from the top layer of the cake looks very appetizing.
  • Metallic Gold/Silver – It is a luxurious cake. Best suited for anniversaries weddings. The edible Golden and silver Paint on the cake looks very fancy
  • Hand Paint– It is a bit costly and also a time taking method. But when it is ready, it turns out to be masterpieces in itself. Edible paint colors are used on the cake to paint according to the occasion.
  • Cartoon cake- These cakes are very famous with kids especially when their favorite cartoon characters are made on the cake. It is like Cherry on the cake for them. People have used gum paste to make famous cartoon characters like Minions, Angry Birds, teddy bears, Disney characters, Ariel, Hello Kitty and many more.


The art of decorating cakes is trending in today’s time. People have come up with different techniques and methods of cake designing. Designing completely changes the look of the cake and makes it look more magnificent.

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