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Birthday Cakes Around The World

A Look at Birthday Cakes From Around The World

From decorated cakes to savory dishes, birthday celebrations vary, holding great traditions all around the world. Few cakes are rich in flavor, some resemble the moon, while some hardly resemble a cake. Discover the different types of tradition-based birthday cakes from around the world.

Top 10 Countries And Their Birthday Celebrations:

1. France:

Birthdays in France are most often without frosted flairs as those in the US. Commonly, French birthday cakes and tarts are simple chocolate cakes with fresh and flavored whipped cream.

2. India :

In India, rather than a traditional celebration, birthday celebrations are usually with yogurt or milk dumplings. These dumplings served with spicy nuts or any favorite flavored syrups.

3. Australia And New Zealand :

A Look at Birthday Cakes From Around The World
A Look At Birthday Cakes From Around The World

Birthday celebrations in both Australia and New Zealand are with cream and fruit fillings. Their main Pavlova is a multi-layer meringue. These celebrations are often colorful, often with kiwi fillings and decoration.

4. Birthday Cakes: Indonesia

Indonesia’s favorite and relished veggie cakes and savory rice. These are Indonesia’s staple holiday traditions and culture food. Often eaten with meat, boiled veggies, perfectly cooked yellow rice, and a range of side dishes, the dish is a handful. Besides, it is layered to symbolize the prosperity and wealth of birthday individuals.

5. China

China’s traditional birthday celebration roots back to its history, where every guest receives a peach-shaped pastry with lotus paste fillings. It is a tradition that usually acted out when the birthday individual grows older. According to China’s age-old literature, a peach symbolizes immortality and longevity. It is also said to grant the wishes, whatever the birthday individual for themselves.

6. England

The British often mix symbolic objects with their baked goods as a part of their culture and tradition. Usually, objects such as coins or thimble are stuffed in the batter and then baked. It is a belief that those who find a coin in their cakes will become healthy, and those who find a thimble will marry.

7. Birthday Cakes: Denmark

A Look at Birthday Cakes From Around The World
A Look At Birthday Cakes From Around The World

The Danish birthday cakes layer up using berries, cream, or mustard according to the person’s interest. In the case of a child, a rolled puff pastry-kagemand or Padukone is the signature dish, which takes the shape of a cake man or a cake woman figurine. The cake is layers of candy, icing, and chocolates.

8. Birthday Cakes: Ghana

The African country has no specific birthday cake or sweets as such on occasions and gatherings. However, a particular relish called kelewele is every birthday, delicacy, or breakfast. These cooked yet fried ripe plantains which on golden-brown use spicy ginger and pepper sprinkles.

9. Birthday Cakes: Chile

Most of the birthday occasions in Chile have dried meringues with fruit fillings called Tortas. The sweet custard taste of the tortas is from the tropical fruit of Chile known as Lucuma, which is fruit cream frostings. Many of these Latin American birthdays, use cakes without any utensils.

10. Serbia

Taking its rich culture and the location, Serbian cuisines get their influence from the Mediterranean countries as well as few Asian countries. One of their many traditional cakes baked on special occasions and birthdays is the best example of the influences of other cultures.

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