3 Awesome Ways To Make Your Cake - Let's Know Them 3 Awesome Ways To Make Your Cake - Let's Know Them

3 Awesome Ways To Make Your Cake

3 Awesome Ways To Make Your Cake

Indulging in mouth-watering sweet desserts is the best ever cherishing moment for a foodie. Now imagine a world filled with several delectable flavors of handmade versions of your cake.

Grabbing varieties of cakes from some well-known bakery shops is an easy and quick way to gratify your taste sense. But making and serving your handmade cakes to your special ones would be another level of contentment.

Well, the process of making cakes is not an easy nut to crack. It requires lots of effort and patience from your end. The basic two categories in which cakes are divided are Egg Cakes and Eggless cakes. As the name itself explains, the basic difference between both of them is the usage of eggs.

Since ages, there was only one conventional way of making cakes. Today’s technological world comprises of so many exciting and unique way of creating your cake.

This extremely engaging article will flash knowledge about various methods of designing and making your cake on your own.

3 Awesome Ways To Make Your Cake
3 Awesome Ways To Make Your Cake

 Excellent methods to enhance the creativity of your cake

In contrast with two traditional methods, there is one most trending option which is included here which will make you awestruck. So, get a quick flashy look over these methods and then grab all the related information in detail.

1. Making Your Cake in Oven

The oldest and classical way of making cakes is using the convection oven. This method involves certain steps.

• To begin with, the first and foremost step is to tap the pre-heat button of an oven to acquire the appropriate temperature.

• Collect all the ingredients involved in making the cake. Some of the common ingredients are flour, sugar, butter, baking soda, extra enhancing flavors according to your need and eggs (egg cakes).

•  Mix all these ingredients in a large mixing bowl.

• Induce some water, oil, and egg (if required) in the bowl and mix them thoroughly to make a smooth paste out of it. Focus on this part so that no lump remains.

• Put some oil on the large cake pan and pour this smooth batter on it.

• Your cake is now ready for the baking procedure. Keep the pan on in the oven with the specified time which is usually 30 minutes.

And the yummy-Licious cake of your hand is ready to be served.

2. Making Cakes in Cooker

3 Awesome Ways To Make Your Cake
3 Awesome Ways To Make Your Cake

Well, instead of bake, you can use steaming options like pressure cookers also. Steps you should remember while choosing this method are:

• First of all, choose the size of the cooker according to your requirements.

• Now remove the rubber insulated around the lid and also the whistle.

• Put the batter in the cake pan of the pressure cooker.

• Preheat the cooker for 2 min at high flame. And then place the cake pan for baking.

•  The total time required for the baking of your cake will be around 45 min to 1 hour.

3. Making Cakes In Air Fryer

With the incredible growth of technology, new ways of baking your cakes have evolved. And, the most trending way is making your cakes in Air Fryer. It’s a kind of modern form of a convection oven.

The only difference lies in the cooking time. Eventually, you will find this product more helpful for you since the circulation of hot air will make your cakes ready within few minutes.

After rolling down your eyes through the article, it must have left you spellbound. Therefore, be ready to pamper your life in this mesmerizing world of cakes and make it look like a full bowl of cherries.

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