23 Essential Pieces Of Baking Equipment

23 Essential Pieces Of Baking Equipment

Like any other art form, baking requires right pieces of equipment. So, here are the 23 essential pieces of baking equipment all you need to make your baking aspirations come true. Let us know about these in detail.

23 Essential Pieces Of Baking Equipment
23 Essential Pieces Of Baking Equipment

The Essential Ones

Cake Pans

This one comes to our mind at first as you need different types of cake pans with interesting shapes and sizes.

Cooling Rack

To avoid sogginess during the cooling process, this equipment is a must. You can find these easily online or at baking shops.

Icing Smoother

This one is a must when you want to add a professional touch in cake garnishing. Specialist cake decorating shops have a variety of icing smoother that you can check out.


To decorate your cake with sugar dust, you need this equipment. Tea strainers make an alternative choice for this purpose.

Cake Mixer

Dedicated to cake mixing, this equipment saves your time and effort while delivering excellent results.


If you are a frequent baker, you need to have a stack of parchment paper as it is essential every time you bake a cake.

Food Processor

This one is common equipment that most of the houses have, and it works in the same way as a cake mixer

Marzipan Spacers

The spacers help you achieve an even thickness when you use marzipan or sugar paste to decorate your cakes.

Measuring Jugs

You need this equipment to measure the ingredients and make sure the quantities are right.

Measuring Spoons

The same purpose of a measuring jug provides this one, which comes handy in measuring sugar and small ingredients.

Mixing Bowl

You can add different sizes of mixing bowls to your kitchen so that you are ready with the right equipment.

23 Essential Pieces Of Baking Equipment
23 Essential Pieces Of Baking Equipment

Baking Equipment: More To Add

Palette Knife

This one is required to smooth the lines of frosting. Also, you can use it to cut butter and scrape bowls.

Pastry Brush

To glaze butter, honey, eggs, syrups or any liquid to the pastry or cupcakes, a pastry brush is all you need.


For sifting flour and icing sugar, this one is a must buy. Most of the baking experts recommend this equipment.

Rolling Pin

This one works excellent when you have to roll flour dough to wrap the pastry.


It helps you to measure whether the cake is perfectly baked. When you insert it to the cake, and it comes clean, it confirms that the cake is baked.


You need this one to measure the ingredients with accuracy.


You can skim around the sides of the mixture with a spatula to avoid wastage.


This one is essential for multiple purposes, from cake mixing to egg whisking.

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